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Societies Registration Act, 1860 have the provisions according a minimum of seven or more adult persons can only form a Society. For the purpose of a national level Society eight persons who are from seven different states should be there as promoters. One of the authorized person from the promoters is entitled to apply to the concerning register with three alternatives names if possible to avoid the inconvenience that may arise if the preferred name has already been allotted to another Society.

Two documents are required for the purpose of registration and they are Rules and Regulations and Memorandum of Association. The Memorandum must contain the name, area of operation, the registered office, name of members of governing body, objects and the names of promoters. The rules part will include the regulation that the organization intends to follow. This will be as clear as possible with the entire rules mentioned on the paper. This should give a 2 clear idea what the society would adhere and the legal regulations that it will follow in all the cases that may come across like termination of a member, meetings, forums etc.

There are different ways that needs to be followed for the society registration. If NGOs are confused and do not know how to follow the exact procedure, then they can contact ARE surely and ARE would help NGOs with the best experts and let them know about the detail. There are few documents that are required for the entire process like a covering letter, a duplicate copy of memorandum of association, rules and regulations, an affidavit of the president or the concerned member, proof of registered office and few other things. Thus, save the time and make the best use of it for the strategies that are needed to follow for the society and leave the hurdle of registration to us.


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