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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

The project proposal includes few things starting with profile for implementing the organization which should have the nature of the implementing organization, the presence of relevant experience from the past, the track record in the community based on the work or experience along with participatory approaches. The details of the organization are required along with governance, history and funding, the expertise of the staff and membership. Finally, the capacity of the organization in terms of members and workforce. Other than this there are look outs like the problem that the project sets to resolve, the reasons for the project activity, the global and the local importance of the project, the use of the donor’s resources and so on.

The context or the baseline entails the duration, area, background of the project along with the copy of the projected area. The identification of the problem as the project requires along with the assessment and the description of the projected area. There could be a reference that could be taken up. The project objective requires the nature of the project activity, the immediate objectives, the expected deliverables of the project, the proposed activity in sequential order, strategies to develop and achieve the project. Finally, the project plan with plan matrix.

The project strategy includes institutional mapping along with the consultation with key stakeholders, the role of recipient as well as partner organization, relationship with other projects or private sector activity. The technical feasibility requires the description of the technical details and the requirements, experience of similar projects in respect to the identification of the local expertise. The anticipated result addresses the impact on the participant or the beneficiaries which is related to human health, economic, social and other impact. Finally, there is evaluation, monitoring, reporting along with budget, visibility and communication strategy.


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