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ARE Consultancy has been providing all kind of support and help from very beginning as registration of Organization/ Entrepreneurship and establishment of NGO/ MSME will all kind of required and legal needs. The Consultancy services included preparation of memorandum as the required specific and general objects of the entrepreneurs who want to form the NGO/MSME for their special task and with all other required main general social objectives. ARE guides and provide Consultancy to NGO/MSME workers and activists in preparing documentation for projects, programs, activities, implementation of projects, impact assessment, Annual Reports, Profiles and all other required documentation and information dissemination. ARE provides support and consultancy related to publicity, advertisements, publications, promotional programs for mass awareness and fundraising, execution of planning and programs for social practice, monitoring, evaluation and management.

ARE Consultancy services including NGO/MSME Registration, Trust Registration, Society Registration, Non Profit Company, Co-Operative Society, Project Report, Annual Report, Project Proposal, 12A Registration, FCRA Registration, 80G Registration, 35AC Registration/ 35AC Project. Project Proposal includes Profile of Implementing Organization, justification and support linkages, context or the baseline, Project Objective and Proposed Activity, Project Strategy, Technical Feasibility, Anticipated Results, Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication and Visibility Strategy and finally Budget.

NGOs/ MSMEs can contact for any related assistance to ARE and help to resolve NGO/MSME needs and problems as a consultancy service of our nation. The entire process might seem very elongated or might be a complicated one to confuse the enough. But the services that provided by ARE Consultancy are specific to the need of the customer. ARE takes all the painstaking research required to evaluate a project to understand the feasibility of it and the strategies required to make the project happen. The experts of our organization will listen to the idea, confirm the budget and then will offer NGOs/MSMEs customized idea or solutions that are best suited for NGOs/MSMEs. From the start till the end they can support NGOs/ MSMEs in forming the organization in absolute adherence of legal rules and regulations. Thus, ARE helps to build a perfect today and a better tomorrow.

ARE provides NGOs/MSMEs all details that are required for a registration. ARE helps in preparing annual report and also the rules that needs to be followed in case of FCRA or foreign fundraising. ARE provides their client every step in depth planning and the procedure that needs to be followed in achieving the entire project. Strategic planning by our vivid professional will help identifying the strengths and weaknesses. From the necessary first step to the last everything is ensured by our firm. With the advent of technology, it is much easier these days to spread an organization with their specific working zones. That is best delivered by our hard working team who takes great initiatives to use IT and communication system to spread the message and objectives of the visionary.

ARE also prepare Training materials and all other materials required to run and manage NGOs. ARE provides Trainings and Skill development, knowledge improvement programs like seminars and conferences related to project writing, project program implementation, fund raising, policy development, survey and field assessment, human resource development (HRD), legal practice related to NGO and various social objectives.

ARE provides NGO Consultancy Service for all kind of registration, grants, funding, legal and required process support with documentation

  • NGO Registration

  1. Trust Registration – Charitable Trust Registration

  2. Society Registration

  3. Section 8 Non Profit Company Registration

  4. Co-Operative Society

  • Online Registration of NGO

  1. Registration at Darpan online NGO Partnership

  2. Registration and Online registration at various departments and authorities where it is required to be associate, get support, get recognition and get fund.

  • Income Tax Registration

  1. 12 AA Registration

  2. 35 AC Registration, 35(1)(ii) & 35(1)(iii)

  3. 80 G Registration

  4. PAN Card Registration

  • Income Tax Related Consultancy

  1. Annual Return Submission of Income Tax – IT Return – Audit Report of Income and Expenditure

  2. Annual Report Submission to Registrar of Societies

  • Foreign Contribution Regulation Act – FCRA Registration

  1. FCRA Registration

  2. FCRA Registration Renewal

  3. FCRA Reports and Returns

  • Other Registrations

  1. Trademark Registration

  2. Copyright Registration

  3. ISO Certification

  • Documentation for NGO

  1. Annual Report

  2. Impact Assessment Report

  3. Profile formation of NGO

  4. Event and Workshop Report

  5. Resolution for meetings and decisions

  6. Fundraising Reports

  7. Project Report

  8. Project Proposal

  9. Concept Note

  • Fund Raising and Grant for NGO

  1. Fund Raising Schemes

  2. Fundraising Plans and Programs

  3. Project Setup and Implementation

  4. CSR Funding

  • Identification, Publicity to get Funds and to reach up to Beneficiaries

  1. Website for NGO

  2. Web Design for NGO

  3. Web Development for NGO

  4. Web Hosting for NGO

  5. Domain Registration for NGO

  6. Publicity and Identification on Social Media

  7. Logo Designing

  8. Brochure/Booklet Designing and Printing

  • Survey and Data report for Projects

  1. Field Survey Report

  2. Data collection for Projects

Presently ARE has been concentrated into some State cum Central innovative schemes like DSIR, DST, SEED, CRS (Community Radio Station) etc.

For More please be in touch with us through the following...

Project Manager

ARE (Arms for Rural Entrepreneurs)

Karunagappally, Kollam, Kerala, India-690544

Tel: +917907048573

U.A. No: KL06D0005158, Reg. No: SH020500060479

Web :

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