Communities in India have various traditional skill sets in working with bamboo. Several states of India are ideally suited for development in various sectors of Industrial Development and Tourism dependent on forests...>>>>

The basic bamboo processing skills are already available due to the prevalence of traditional bamboo working in India, and employment opportunities for both rural and urban workers would be enhanced with Skill Development for the industrial applications of bamboo...>>>>

Bamboo handicraft sector is predominant in the Indian handicrafts and there are millions of people who depend on bamboo for part or all of their income. Bamboo and its products are eco friendly in nature and it shields from hard pollution in different ways. Bamboo offers perhaps the quickest way to remove vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere...>>>>

Overall we feel this report both justifies the development of a bamboo industry in Trivandrum and offers a comprehensive plan on how achieve it...>>>>

The community of Trivandrum Corporation has a range of problems stemming from their low income jobs. Many are unemployed and do not earn an income. This has created a continuous cycle where the lack of a decent income hinders from accessing education and improving the lives of the both their current and future generations, causing the next generation to follow in the same footsteps...>>>>

Actually, bamboo is an effective alternative to wood and industrial raw materials in both modern industrial and traditional cottage sectors. All these factors are positively contributing to the growth of the bamboo crafts market globally. So starting home-based crafts making business with bamboo is a lucrative opportunity for the urban community...>>>>

As a result, the artisans have to sell their products in local markets at low prices resulting in economic loss. On the other hand, the consumer does not get the products as per his/her choice and standard. Hence the supply chain of Bamboo products does not complete....>>>>

Due to the latest developments, Bamboo poles and its products are in high demand for various uses, from housing, paper, textiles, handicrafts, agarbatti, life style products, energy etc...>>>>

Potted bamboos are the best item for the interior decoration of the both domestic and commercial premises...>>>>

At the outset we appoint a Project Manager on the basis of his qualification, experience in concern bamboo products making and selling activity...>>>>

The course contained a detailed explanation of crafting bamboo products both in theory and practice. Apart from this, a special class on marketing and strategy was also included in the course...>>>>

At the end of each workshop, small inter-beneficiary teams will be formed to complete specific assignments based on the workshop training and discussion...>>>>

We need to focus on inclusive growth of all the stakeholders and make both quantity and quality jobs available for a balanced growth of the bamboo sector....>>>>

Regular follow-ups and visits by the trainers and experts on regular basis is envisaged to ensure monitoring of the new entrepreneurs....>>>>

As in the part of Training program, we will arrange them field trips where the Bamboo products making Enterprises are running to obtain better knowledge from these people..>>>>

According to the product we want to produce, we will need to procure the decorative items also..>>>>

Additionally, it helps to get the finance from the financial institutions...>>>>

SB Accounts will be opened in the Banks in the name of the 10 Self Help Groups to deposit their savings amount...>>>>

Additionally, we can also consider setting up our own online store for selling the bamboo crafts items...>>>>

This Thrifting will make thrilling uses at their time of need in future...>>>>

One-time planning fund will give life to many poor families in our Corporation..>>>>

The periodic progress and achievement by the respective LSGD need to be shared with the State Nodal Department for onward consideration of EC...>>>>

Funds would be made available to the respective LSGD associated with the concerned Departments after approval of the action plan by the Executive Committee...>>>>

This project report is prepared by Project Director, ARE as per the surveys are conducted under his team. For any further clarifications you may be contacted at the following address.

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