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The Bank has modified its Dena Shakti Scheme - a scheme for financing to Women Entrepreneurs by including following activities / sectors under the purview of the scheme so as to increase its outreach to women.

Activities covered under the scheme (as per the definition of Priority Sector conveyed by RBI) w.e.f 01.03.2008

1. Agriculture & allied activities

2. Small Enterprises (Direct and Indirect Finance)

Micro and small (manufacturing) enterprises

Micro and small (service) enterprises which include small road and water transport operators, small business professional and self-employed and all other service enterprises

3. Retail Trade

4. Micro Credit

5. Education



The maximum ceiling limits that can be considered for financing to women beneficiaries under this scheme will be as per the directives of RBI stipulated for various sectors under priority sector such as loans upto Rs 20.00 lakhs under retail trade, Rs 20 lakhs under education and housing and Rs 50000/- under micro credit as well as Bank's specific schemes circulated to branches / offices from time to time.


Will be as per the norms stipulated by RBI / Bank from time to time.


Interest is to be charged as per extant guidelines of our Bank and R.B.I. directives, as applicable to various sectors of Agriculture, SE, and OPS. A concession / rebate @ 25 basis points in the rate of interest as applicable to existing activities is to provide to the women beneficiaries subject to certain conditions specified by the Bank.

For more details, you may contact nearest branch of the Bank.

ARE provides support and consultancy related to publicity, advertisements, publications, promotional programs for mass awareness and fundraising, execution of planning and programs for social practice, monitoring, evaluation and management.

Presently ARE has been concentrated into some State cum Central innovative schemes like DSIR, DST, SEED, CRS (Community Radio Station) etc.

Note: If you satisfied or interested in our services, please be in touch with us through the following...

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ARE (Arms for Rural Entrepreneurs)

Karunagappally, Kollam, Kerala, India-690544

Tel: +917907048573, Mail:

UDYAM-KL-06-0000419; Reg. No: SH020500060479

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