The purpose of the scheme is to enhance awareness among the MSMEs about Intellectual Property Rights, to take measures for protecting their ideas and business strategies. Effective utilization of IPR tools by MSMEs would also assist them in technology upgradation and enhancement of their competitiveness.

Nature of assistance

  • Conducting awareness/sensitization programs on IPR (Applicants in this case are MSME organizations and expert agencies) GoI assistance of Rs 1 lakh per awareness program

  • Conducting pilot studies for selected clusters/groups of industries (Applicants in this case are MSME organizations, competent agencies and expert agencies). GoI assistance of Rs 2.5 lakh per pilot study.

  • Funding support for conducting interactive seminars / workshops (Applicants in this case are MSME organizations and expert agencies)

  • Funding support for conducting specialized training on IPR (Applicants – Expert agencies)

  • Funding support in the form of Grant on Patent/GI Registration (Applicants in this case are MSME units and MSME organizations)

  • Funding support for setting up IP Facilitation

Who can apply?

Registered MSME units, association, consultancy firms, expert agencies etc.

How to apply?

Application forms for each of the components are provided along with scheme guidelines at: www.dcmsme.gov.in/schemes/IPRDetail.html

Whom to contact?


Ph: 011-23062394

Email : bisariya.sanjay@nic.in

ARE provides support and consultancy related to publicity, advertisements, publications, promotional programs for mass awareness and fundraising, execution of planning and programs for social practice, monitoring, evaluation and management.

Presently ARE has been concentrated into some State cum Central innovative schemes like DSIR, DST, SEED, CRS (Community Radio Station) etc.

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ARE (Arms for Rural Entrepreneurs)

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Tel: +917907048573, Mail: areklm0076@gmail.com

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