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ARE - Arms for Rural Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 11, 2021


We are a team of delivery professionals providing Project and Program management consultancy services. Our clients primarily engage us to take responsibility for program delivery and/or program office management. We also provide related services such as external program reviews or delivery capability uplift. Our track record is consistently over 98% customer satisfaction. Our clients trust us. Our initial clients are still trusting us with their most important projects and programs. Every client since inception is a reference site for ARE Consulting. We believe this to be a unique success story and are happy to share our complete list of clients/references, because it’s the same list. Depending on the need of the institution or the organization ARE providing to NGOs from conducting a feasibility study, to launching a major campaign along with perfect strategies, or simply to enhance an existing fundraising program with the advanced techniques. ARE is proud to help the clients in regard to legal issues and sponsorship. ARE’s precise support in identification of a project, designing it along with strategies, implementation of the strategies and finally sustainability and fund raising will serve all the needs and requirements of NGOs, Social organizations, MSME’s etc.

ARE’s guidance is enough to boost the strength and show a way that leads them to achieve a future as they require. ARE believes that to be a part of Organizations/ Entrepreneurships project and help them is to build a community that will serve the nation is some more better way. The quest and intentions are as clear as that.

Our Values

ARE recognizes that whilst each client’s program is different, a number of common principles can be applied. These principles are our core values:


We focus exclusively on the delivery of key programs for our blue chip clients. We work with the executives and delivery teams of these organizations to achieve their desired results. We ensure the alignment of all key stakeholders (management, vendors and program staff) into one team that has a common vision and path to success. Projects are not delivered by the best individuals but the best teams. The team will help Organizations/ Entrepreneurships to produce real change that they can maintain. ARE’s team conducts research and provides support. The status and satisfaction is acquired through the experience over the years of hard work.


Common sense and easy to use project and program tools bring clarity to a program’s critical path and enable contextual and metric-based reporting to communicate within the program team and to external stakeholders. Our transparent approach ensures all parties have a clear understanding of the programs current status and risk profile in the context of the overall business objectives.

ARE is an independent company that has no formal or informal relationships or partnerships. This ensures that we can provide our clients with truly transparent and independent advice and avoid any perception of bias.


We focus on the underlying fundamentals of the program, the business objectives, how can they be delivered and the interrelationship and relative priorities between timing, scope, quality and cost. We then define the path to success and over-communicate it. After commencement of the program, we undertake regular reviews of our destination and progress and subsequent fine-tune direction and speed until delivered. Quality assurance is done by senior executives in ARE on all our outputs as no cost to the client.

These principles along with strong change control and a clear business benefits fuel focused delivery, which meets the client expectations around scope, quality, time-frame and cost.

An Introduction to Our Team

We only hire the top 10% of program and project delivery professionals through a rigorous recruitment process and we ensure that they adhere to the values and practices that deliver successful projects for our clients. ARE provides Consultancy for all kinds of registrations, certifications, approvals, affiliations, licenses, permits, recognitions etc. that are required to achieve the goals of Organizations/ Entrepreneurships.

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