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A Scheme for promoting Innovation, Rural Industry & Entrepreneurship (ASPIRE)

The main objectives of the scheme are to:

  1. Create new jobs and reduce unemployment

  2. Promote entrepreneurship culture in India

  3. Boost Grassroots economic development at district level

  4. Facilitate innovative business solution for unmet social needs, and

  5. Promote innovation to further strengthen the competitiveness of the MSME sector.

Nature of assistance

NSIC/KVIC or Coir Board or any GoI or State Government agency to set up 80 Livelihood Business Incubators for the period 2014 to 2016. The objectives are: Promotion of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Agro-Industry organization of the M/o MSME, and one-time grant of 100% of cost of Plant & Machinery other than the land and infrastructure, or an amount up to Rs 100 lakhs, whichever is less is to be provided In case of incubation centers to be set up under PPP mode with NSIC, KVIC or Coir Board or any other Institution/agency of GoI/State Government, one- time grant of 50% of cost of Plant & Machinery, other than the land and infrastructure, or Rs 50.00 lakhs, whichever is less is to be provided.

Assistance towards the training cost of incubates will be met out of the ATI scheme of the Ministry as far as possible for both centers. Total budget plan is Rs 62.50 cr for 2014-2016.

Who can apply?

The Scheme aims to implement the Incubation and Commercialization of Business Ideas Program through technical / research institutes, including those in the field of agro based industry. These would be designated as Knowledge Partners and would incubate new/existing technologies for their commercialization.

The scheme also provides funds for the incubator/incubation and creates necessary synergy between this scheme and the Livelihood Business Incubators/Technology Business Incubators and Incubation schemes of MSME / NSIC / KVIC / Coir Board / Other Ministries/Departments as well as Private incubators.

How to apply?

Application can be sent to Aspire Scheme Steering Committee of the Ministry of MSME. The Scheme Steering Committee will be responsible for overall policy, coordination and management support. The Council will be chaired by Secretary, Ministry of MSME.

Whom to contact?

Deputy Secretary (ARI), M/o MSME

Ph: 011-23062745,


For Scheme Guidelines please contact us...


Project Manager

ARE (Arms for Rural Entrepreneurs)

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Mail:, Tel: +91-7907048573

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