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80G Registration is a much needed registration for NGO for the purpose of exemption of Income tax. A donor who might be an individual, company, association or organization is entitled to a deduction in the total income when donating some amount to a Non-Profit Organization (NGO). The exemption is under 80G of the Income Tax Act. However, the amount donated by a donor, must not exceed ten percent of gross total income of the donor.

The donations have to be made in money and the transaction of money is to be shown in this case. No other elements like bike, cycle, car or any other physical object is to be judged other than money. In case of receipts issued by donors by a nonprofit organization must have the number and date of the 80G certificate. This indicates the period till which the certificate is valid.

The registration process requires a period of 3- 4 months and it is granted for certain period. The documents required for the purpose is a copy of Trust Deed, Byelaws, Registration Certificate and detail of the work for three years or its inception whichever is less, copies of the audited accounts. There are few conditions that are to be fulfilled under 80G that is the NGO should not have any income which not exempted, like business income. The NGO should not work for the benefit for any religious community or caste. The NGO should maintain regular accounts of expenditures and receipts.

The benefit in this case is limited and the aggregate of the sums that has been donated has to be found out for the exemption, that, the donor is to receive. There is a restrain in the benefit that one can receive for the registration.


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